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    XD.CD is an engraving solution of the entire exam (medicals images

    selected, repport and administrative and office automation) on CD or DVD support

    These supports include a DICOM viewer that allows the corresponding doctors to have

    a quality tool for viewing images. The whole of the engraved exam is

    also archived for future reference and can be disseminated through the portal secure

    web XD.Diffusion.

    Solution’s assets

       Viewer Dicom (PC and Mac via Osirix) included on medias

       Viewer integrating MPR function

       Automatic choice between CD and DVD depending on the size of the images to be engraved

       Automatic association of the doctor's report and images of the examination

       Customizing the CD label according to the sending mode or the exit robot

       Visualization of images in Dicom from the engraving station

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