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    6.0 BILLING

    The billing module, fully integrated with BACKBONE RIS, allows you to manage and trace

    your treasury activities efficiently and thus reduce the risk of unpaid bills.

    Solution assets

       Traceability of the actions carried out in the file

       JFSE 1.66 Billing Engine

       Billing management for technical packages

       Management of OPTAM / CAS and overpayment (sector 2)

       Management of Partial or Full Paying Third Party (Checkout + Mutual)

       Tool of restitution to the temporary workers

       FSE / DRE teletransmission

       B2 telecommunication (technical packages)

       Receipt of NOEMIE returns with automated processing

       Electronic banking score

       Quick and intuitive key figures module

       Statistics specific to the proper use of the OPTAM / CAS and its thresholds

       Management of reminders levels up to litigation management

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