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    SYSTEMX offers a complete software package to communicate Images and / or Reports with your patients and correspondents. These solutions will allow you to increase the loyalty of your prescribers by giving them access, remotely or with the help of a support, to the follow-up of their patient. This software will also help you improve your communication with your patients by quickly and visually transmitting accurate information about their exams.

    You can find the details of our software offer in points 5.1 to 5.3.


    A real communication tool, this personalized patient booklet improves and

    strengthen your relationship with your patients and medical correspondents.

    The patient record created by XD.Print includes :

       Coverage, a space dedicated to your identity and that of your patient

       The report of your medical examination

       Printing medical images from all modalities

         (US, MRI, PET, CT and CR) in DICOM format

       A space dedicated to the CD-ROM

       The back cover, dedicated to your communication (access plan, schedules, annotations

         the medical imaging center and your commitments ...)

    Solution assets

       One booklet with Fusion of different exams for the same patient

       The economy of media made in printing (pouches, labels, envelopes ...)

       Possibility to interconnect with all existing DICOM modalities

       Works with all types of laser printers (eg Xerox, Ricoh, Oki)

       More than 1800 sites installed

       In partnership with the biggest manufacturers (GE, Siemens, Fuji, EDL, Aloka ...)

       Remote access via the Web

       Set of tools for viewing and manipulating DICOM images

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    XD.CD is an engraving solution of the whole exam (medical images

    selected, report and administrative and office documents) on CD or DVD media.

    These supports include a DICOM viewer that allows the corresponding doctors to have

    a quality tool for viewing images. The entire engraved exam is also archived for future

    reference and can be broadcast via the secure XD.Diffusion web portal.

    Solution assets

       Dicom viewer (PC & Mac via Osirix) included on the media

       Viewer integrating the MPR function

       Automatic choice between CD and DVD depending on the size of the images to be engraved

       Automatic association of the doctor's report and images of the examination

       Customizing the CD label according to the sending mode or the output robot

       Visualization of images in Dicom from the engraving station

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    BACKBONE is a secure web portal, able to be connected with all

    the modalities, which makes it possible to distribute and share in real time the DICOM

    images and the report of the examinations with the patient, the prescribing correspondent

    or a colleague from another service, regardless of the recipient's workstation

    (including nomads Android tablets, iPad and iPhone).

    Solution assets

       Secure web portal

       Viewer integrating the MPR function

       Broadcast images and reports safely to patients like

         corresponding doctors

       Connected with all modalities

       Broadcast and share in real time

       Visualization of exams thanks to our different viewer : XD.WORKSTATION (DICOM),

         XD.Viewer (DICOM) et Viewer Web (JPEG)

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