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    SYSTEMX offers a complete software package on interpretation for radiologists and specialists, whether you work in a city office or on technical platforms in clinics and hospitals, public or private.

    You can find the details of our software offer and these options at point 3.1 point 3.4.

    Our diagnostic console XD.Workstation was developed in France by our Research & Development department and is a medical device marked CE class 2a (CE0459).


    The XD.Workstation console is a real digital console that allows you to perform

    an interpretation of quality, with the same comfort of work as on a negatoscope

    traditional, and safe.

    Particularly intuitive, it offers all the functions of interpretation, manipulation

    and DICOM image processing and many annotation tools.

    Innovative, it allows remote viewing and report management.

    The XD.Workstation solution is a class IIa medical device and is fully developed

    by our SYSTEMX Research & Development team.

    Solution assets

       Multimodality communication

      Fluid and high performance of the MIP / MPR imaging module (management optimization

        GPU graphics cards)

      Minimum footprint, the XD.WS console can be used directly with

        one or more screens

       Contextual integration module (access to exams from the RIS interface)

       Exporting a folder / images

       Declination in several hardware configurations: 20-inch dual-screen dual-screen 46-inch

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    To enrich his XD.Workstation console, SYSTEMX has also added a mammography module :

    XD. Worksation - MED-MAMMO, an intuitive interpretation console for digital mammography.

    It is also possible to interface with an Oléa Medical expert module (eg: Oncology module).

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    SYSTEMX has a mobile application fully integrated with our solution

    BACKBONE RIS-PACS. BACKBONE CR allows you to dictate your reports

    in all mobility.

    Solution assets

       Mobile application that replaces SpeechMike

       Creation of the "sound" file from the patient list, linked to the RIS or PACS

       Synchronization of the "sound" file automatically linked to the patient from 3G or WIFI coverage

       Possibility of making free dictations / memos (not attached to a patient)

       Consulting patient information

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    SYSTEMX offers you the new tool developed by Nuance, Dragon Medical Practice 4.

    This Speechmike combines both accuracy and speed for you to document

    faster your electronic medical records by directly integrating the recognition

    vocal voice within the word processing tool (Word).

    Solution assets

       Dictate faster and more accurately than ever thanks to the medical dictionary

       Dictate directly in the patient file

       Use your own terminology

       Facilitate the adoption of the patient record in your service

       Earn at least 30 minutes a day

       Give your patients more time

       Reduce your transcription costs considerably

       Contextual links for calls of different CR types with programmed macros

       Interfaceable with the majority of software