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    BACKBONE RIS, the latest generation solution is a true ERP radiology.

    Full Web, it aims to bring on-site significant improvement in productivity by focusing on functional innovation, mobility functions and ergonomic access with an intuitive interface for radiology professionals. Its architecture is based on application modules such asreception and patient monitoring.

    You will find the details of this 2nd module and these options at points 2.1 to 2.6.

    The different modules connected to BACKBONE RIS allow you to easily follow the path of your patient from reception to the transmission of exams !

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    2.1 TERMINAL

    The reception desk SYSTEMX is an integral part of our BACKBONE RIS-PACS solution.

    This new brick BACKBONE facilitates reception, orientation, circulation and billing

    patient within the medical imaging center. Borne of last generation technology,

    it is scalable and has many features adapting to your requests for

    flow management ...

    Beyond identifying and guiding your patients, it allows you to communicate with them

    in an innovative way.

    Solution assets

       Facilitates the workflow of patients in the office

       Relieves the work of secretaries

       Reduces the movement of manipulators

       Gives patients a sense of better care

       Allows administrators to know average queue times

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    BACKBONE RIS facilitates the organizational evolution of your structure and allows you to

    better understand the path of your patient.

    Solution assets

       Interoperability: DICOM, HPRIM and HL7 Worklist

       Automatic retrieval of appointment information

       Home with or without a vital card - with or without appointment

       Patient follow-up in the office

       Management of service notes

       Access to the AMELI portal

       Inpatient management with programming of daily activities

       Interoperability with the docking station

       Integration of data from the online appointment platform DOCTOLIB in BACKBONE RIS

       Multi-folder alert or appointment on the same day

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    BACKBONE RIS saves you time and access in just a few clicks

    information about each patient. It brings you on site, all the tools and

    equipment that ensures a significant improvement in medical productivity.

    Solution assets

       Interoperability: DICOM, HPRIM and HL7 Worklist

       Quotation and medical follow-up: listing of the acts, dosimetry, traceability

       Sheet of osteodensitometry, transmissions to the observatory of Senology (Senolog)

       Medical summary of a file

       External transmission of reports and images to prescribers (via BACKBONE PACS)

       Context-aware image access to all cabinet consoles

       Wired and wireless dictation, voice recognition, centralized and / or remote striking

       Dictation and consultation of folders on smartphone

       Visibility of series of images stored in the PACS BACKBONE

       Management send encrypted email to patients

       Transmission of reports to the prescriber with Apycript / MS Health

       Retrieving dosimetry stored in DICOM images of PACS BACKBONE



    SYSTEMX has a mobile application fully integrated with our BACKBONE RIS-PACS solution. BACKBONE CR allows you to dictate your reports freely.

    Solution assets

       Mobile application that replaces SpeechMike

       Creation of the "sound" file from the patient list, linked to the RIS or PACS

       Synchronization of the "sound" file automatically linked to the patient from 3G or WIFI coverage

       Possibility of making free dictations / memos (not attached to a patient)

       Consulting patient information

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    SYSTEMX offers you the new tool developed by Nuance, Dragon Medical Practice 4.

    This Speechmike combines both accuracy and speed for you to document

    faster your electronic medical records by directly integrating the recognition

    vocal voice within the word processing tool (Word).

    Solution assets

       Dictate faster and more accurately than ever thanks to the medical dictionary

       Dictate directly in the patient file

       Use your own terminology

       Facilitate the adoption of the patient record in your service

       Earn at least 30 minutes a day

       Give your patients more time

       Reduce your transcription costs considerably

       Contextual links for calls of different CR types with programmed macros

       Interfaceable with the majority of software


    2.6 DACS

    SYSTEMX accompanies you in the follow-up of the doses granted to your patients. Integrated DACS

    to our solution BACKBONE RIS-PACS, alerts you in real time and reports directly

    dosimetry on patient reports.

    Solution assets

       Direct access to patient dosimetry and history

       Follow-up of the evolution of the doses granted to the patients

       Exporting data and analysis reports in Excel format

       Automatic transmission of reports to RIS or PACS BACKBONE

       Automatic sending of alert emails configurable at will